Talent Management Technology

Hire The Right Talent

Shoot for the 90%-95% job success predictability rate. Make use of a customizable library of 6,500 job success formulas to prescreen applicants saving 80% of your administrative time and short list the most eligible ones and review the CVs of qualifi...

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Develop and Coach

What if you were gifted with the power of sight? What if you were granted a dashboard, kind of a glass ball, that would let you know exactly what your employees development needs are, bias-free, hassle-free; be that before they join you or at any poi...

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Engage and Retain

The topic of employee engagement has never been hotter than today. With more to do, less time to do it, less budget to do it, and practically less talent to do it, what businesses need is what they long for the most: ultra-engaged employees who act l...

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Plan Succession

Harrison Assessments’ innovative approach to succession planning gives your talent pool access a personal career planning portal that allows them to spot the open jobs that they are most likely to enjoy and get engaged in. At the same time, your de...

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Benchmark Success & Replicate Excellence

Have you ever wondered what behavioral traits are responsible for success in your organization? HA can answer that question for you through its benchmarking algorithm and can build a blueprint based on which you can replicate that success whether you...

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Plot and Change Culture

Are you who you say you are? Are you driving towards who you say you are? Where are you from who you say you are? A few questions that HA can answer for you so that you can know exactly how you’re doing on your advertised corporate values and how y...

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