Strategy and planning

Management Retreats and Strategy Sessions

Management Retreats and Strategy Sessions are off-site opportunities that allow for a helicopter-view to challenge, review, brainstorm, creatively problem-solve, plan, align around and commit to do something about the factors that are bound to lead y...

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Inventing Tomorrow

Inventing Tomorrow is a program designed to bring innovative and highly efficient strategic solutions to organizations, through harvesting the creative energies and natural abilities of people within. Why we are inventing tomorrow? Because there’s ...

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Creative Problem Solving

The title says it all: You got a challenge? We help you frame it and then facilitate the process for you and your team to come up with a creative solution to solve it....

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Hacking the Brain of a Management Consultant

Strategy is about choices and decisions. It’s first about the choice of battles to fight. And then about the choice of options to adopt, in the aim of winning each one of those battles.Hence, our paradoxical approach to strategy which follows a sys...

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Decision Making and Problem Solving

If a right decision even existed, no product would have been ever introduced and met a sad ending. Decision making has a lot of art built into getting better at it. The rest is covered in this workshop....

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