Hire The Right Talent

  • Shoot for the 90%-95% job success predictability rate.
  • Make use of a customizable library of 6,500 job success formulas to prescreen applicants saving 80% of your administrative time and short list the most eligible ones and review the CVs of qualified candidates if you wish to.
  • Automatically route the eligible list of applicants to the behavioral assessment part of the screening. This is when they are asked to fill the Harrison Assessments smart questionnaire ©  that gauges 175 factors (job-specific behavioral requirements and behavioral competencies – 3 times more than what’s available for you elsewhere) and benchmarks them against the selected job success formula. The result is a list of candidates who not only know how to do the job, but also who are very likely to be engaged and satisfied doing it.
  • The eligible and behaviorally fit list is then moved into the interview process that targets key success factors and uncovers behavioral issues and hence polishes the recruiter’s decision-making power while keeping yourself immune from biases.


All that while benefiting from the Enjoyment Performance Methodology that puts the right balance between the job needs and what individual employees need and want as well to be satisfied and engaged doing that job.

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