Stand-Alone Team Building Days

Some of our clients want to teach their leaders to build teams. And what they are looking for are team building workshops.

Some want to organize team buildings events to freshen up their meetings with ice breakers, others want to increase team morale, some want to celebrate achievement and others have future determining issues that they want to address. These issues could range from enhancing communication skills, to change management, to trust building, to silos dismantling, and other various dysfunctional team dynamics.

Whatever your team challenges and outcomes are, we will customize an agenda for you and build on our extensive experience in the corporate world to invest in the power of play sometimes, and on proven team coaching principles and tools some other times; always to deliver on the results that you wish for.

The innovations we offer are for:

– The objectives: change, communication, planning, strategy deployment, execution, and anything else you want to achieve.
– The mood: learn, play, retreat, team coach, and combos of them all.
– The venue: indoor, outdoor, beach, mountain, snow, water, desert, moon, mars and pluto.
– The execution: workshops, games, breakout sessions, coaching and combos.

And throughout, we speak the language of your industry, your organization and your people in order to make sense to your outcomes.

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