Wael El Helou


Wael El Helou

Wael is a Director at “trace and the former Director of CRR Lebanon (Center For Right Relationship).

From managing one corporate transformation to another, Wael has led a multi-disciplinary corporate career that, combined with an eloquent passion to make a difference, has led him to co-found “trace and to dedicate his life to making people and organizations stronger than their challenges.

From the street-smart world of workmanship in Europe to the complex corporate FMCG arena of Unilever in the GCC and the complicated leadership of family business expansions and institutionalizations in the Levant, he came to be known for his strategic creativity and executional make-it-happenness.

Today, he’s a strategy and change facilitator, a transformation catalyst, an Organizational Relationship System Coach, an executive coach, an NLP Master Practitioner, former Director of CRR Lebanon and an impactful international trainer whose skills are sought from London and Paris to Indonesia, India, Moscow, Johannesburg, the GCC and the Levant.

He has been there when business flourished and has survived crisis and plans that went off-track. All that makes him real in his standing in a leader’s as well as a team member’s shoes and in dealing with their issues as his.

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