“trace at ATD Middle East Conference & Exhibition 2019

On April 14 & 15, our team attended the ATD Middle East Conference and Exhibition along with representatives from The Arbinger Institute US and KSA.

During the past couple of years, The ATD Middle East Conference and Exhibition gained regional exposure by featuring high-level international keynotes, regional top employers, and out-of-the-box innovative solutions to modern workforce problems.

Our International Trainer Joelle Geagea El Helou delivered a speech in which she discussed The Self-Deception Trap in today’s advanced technological workplace and how to save the New Age leaders from themselves.

The interactive session presented a proven approach for helping leaders to become open to the possibility that they might be creating problems for others. The biggest obstacle with effective and powerful change is the problem of self-deception: the ones most responsible for problems can’t see that they are responsible for said problems because they took it upon themselves to be the heroes and save the day. Joelle highlighted the difference between a hero with an Inward Mindset and a hero with an Outward Mindset and its link to results.

This is particularly challenging for today’s leaders with the ever-changing market challenges, generation gaps, and industry disruption.

And for that, Mindset comes first. And we help change mindsets.

If you would like to know more about our Developing & Implementing An Outward Mindset training program, contact us on or 009617668033

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